Deploying a combination of machine vision, deep learning and data mining technologies, DM Digital Pathology AI Cloud Platform uses comprehensive and accurate artificial intelligence algorithms to help physicians diagnose various diseases. To date, our DM Digital Pathology AI Cloud Platform has greatly aided those targeted by breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Stand-by systems include screening systems for lung cancer, liver cancer, and esophageal cancer etc..



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About Us

DM Digital Pathology AI Cloud Platform is developed by DM Intelligence Ltd. of Guangzhou, China, a company that focuses on the use of deep learning framework in medical imaging and pathology. The team at DM Intelligence is primarily composed of veteran biomedical specialists, senior AI engineers, medical consultants from Class 3A hospitals in China, and business management talents.

How accurate a pathology report is depends on the experience of the pathologist, and an accurate pathology report is the gold standard for diagnosis and the basis for the development of a viable treatment plan.

DM Intelligence can provide one-stop solutions
in cancer pathology screening and
analysis for pathologists in hospitals around the world